What Type Of Moving Company Do You Need?

Moving can be a stressful task if not well planned and without the right people on the job. The mover you choose can make or break your moving experience. There are different types of moving companies with different distance coverages and ways of calculating charges. They vary in organizational complexity from simple two men and truck operations to sophisticated global commercial moving companies. You must know the type of moving company for successful moving and fair charges.

Local Moving Company

If you want to move your office to bigger premises across the city, your best choice would be local office movers. In most cases, they are simple family-run businesses, popularly known as two men and a truck operation. But they are also serious investors with trucks large enough to move a big office.

Local movers don't need the federally allocated USDOT number, but they must be licensed and insured for intrastate operations under a distance of 100 miles. Most local movers charge by the hour.

Long Distance Moving Company

If your business is moving from one state to another, you need a long-distance mover. These movers are licensed to operate distances greater than 100 miles, up to cross-country moving. A long-distance mover must have a USDOT number assigned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Long-distance movers charge by weight and distance. Ensure you get at least three quotes to scrutinize. You must vet the company properly with reviews because they will move your goods while you meet them at the other end.

International Moving Company

These days it is common for businesses to move to countries where they face competitive advantages. For such a move, you need an international moving company with experience in international shipping, including passing non-trading goods through different country borders.

International moving companies charge by the volume your goods will occupy and the distance to move. They will also charge different rates for shipping by air and sea.

Commercial Moving Company

When you need to move sensitive and expensive equipment like medical lab equipment, you need a mover with specialized tools and equipment. Commercial movers also move sensitive documents.

Commercial movers charge by the square foot of the office space or cubic foot of the business equipment's space. Therefore, you can expect to pay a bit more when using commercial movers.

Are you looking to move your business successfully? Talk to a moving company about your office moving needs.