Running Out Of Space In Your Law Office? Storage Tips And Ideas For You

When you started your own law firm and officially moved into your own office space, you may never have thought that all of your files, books, and other supplies and equipment would have increased so much that you do not have enough room to store everything. However, while this is a problem in your office, it is a good problem to have. It means that you have gained a large number of clients. But it also means that you have to start rethinking how you file and store things in your office. Get to know a few tips and ideas to help you improve your law office storage so that you do not have to trouble yourself with finding new office space rather than properly representing all your clients:

Store Your Old Case Files in Stackable Plastic Storage Containers

While many lawyers like to stuff their old case files away in oversized manila envelopes, file folders, or cardboard boxes, these storage methods leave much to be desired. These methods of storage are not only inefficient, but they could also result in serious damage to those files if the containers ever suffered water damage.

To keep your legal files safe and secure when you are ready to store them rather than actively working on them, use stackable plastic storage containers. These containers will keep your documents safe from water damage and are designed to stack together for maximum space-saving efficiency.

Rent a Secure Storage Unit for Your Extra Files and Documents

If even efficient stackable plastic storage containers are not enough to free up space in your law offices, and you are not ready or willing to find a new, larger office space, you may want to consider renting a secure storage unit off-site for your extra files and documents that you do not need to access regularly.

Because the only reason you may need to access old case files again is a re-trial, appeals proceeding, or if your client is accused of a crime or has to go to court again in the future, once a case is closed, you can likely store it away in a storage unit without too much concern for getting into the files again. However, due to the sensitive nature of legal proceedings and case files, you will want to be sure that any storage unit you rent is as secure as possible.

Look for a storage facility with CCTV surveillance systems, access codes to get into the facility and building itself, and secure individual units that can only be accessed once inside the building. This will ensure that all of your files are as safe as possible and that you can rest easy knowing you have freed up space in your office while also keeping all of your vital files and information.

These tips can help you get started in improving the storage space for your law office and clear some of the clutter from your practice. Contact a company like Quantum Storage for more information and assistance.