How to Prep Your RV for Storage

Do you plan on putting your RV into storage for the season? If so, you'll need to take steps to prepare your RV so that it's ready to go next spring. Here are a few tips for what you should be doing to care for your RV.

Wash the Exterior

It's always a good idea to clean the exterior of your RV before putting it away for storage. You don't want to be cleaning the RV immediately when you get it out of storage, and it will even make it harder to clean as dirt sits on the exterior. Road salt from the winter can also be corrosive, and you'll want to remove that if you did any winter driving. If you have retractable awnings that need to be washed, make sure they are completely dry before rolling them back up.

Inspect Seams

Now is also a good time to check seams along your roof and windows for potential cracks. This is where water can seep into the RV, and you don't want to take the RV out of storage to discover that water has been inside the RV for months. Make sure you look at the owner's manual for more information on how to replace sealants.

Pick a Good Storage Spot

Ideally, you will want to store your RV at a storage facility where the vehicle is indoor and protected from the elements. If that is not an option, then make sure that you pick a covered spot that will protect it from the weather, such as a spot on your property with an awning that it be parked under. Avoid placing the RV under trees where sap can drop on the RV.

Use an RV Cover

If you are parking the vehicle outside, you'll want to buy an RV cover that is made out of a lightweight and breathable material so that air can circulate through it. The cover will protect the RV from debris, but a solid tarp is going to trap moisture and allow mold growth to happen.

Prep the Tires 

You'll want to inflate the tires to the proper air pressure so that the RV has support while it is in storage. You should also get tire blocks that can be placed behind the tires to prevent the RV from potentially moving around. If you are parking the RV outside, tire covers can help protect the rubber tires from the sun.

For more insight, contact RV self-storage services.